Logo Design

Q. What is a logo design and how is it different to website design?

A website is a place that presents your businesses products or services, whereas a logo design is an image or a graphic that represents your business concept as a whole. It is often what people associate with you when they talk about or refer to your business or a representative of your business. It portrays a professional image that builds a level of credibility while at the same time differing you from your competition.

A professional quality logo design can stick in a customers mind when they think about reordering or discussing the service they experienced from your company. You can use a logo on your business cards, emails, letterheads, stationery, merchandise, invoices, newsletters, publications, contracts, receipts, articles, online promotion (such as Twitter, Facebook and your company blog).

KEY: A logo is the first thing a potential customer sees when they search online or look through a newspaper!

Q. Who are your logo designers?

We only use 2 specialist logo designers for all of our customer’s projects. It takes a certain type of designer to produce quality designs that reflect the customer’s needs. These designers have worked on a broad range of projects and are able to design logo’s for any type of business or company.

Q. How does your logo design service work?

  • Step 1: The order for the logo design is placed.
  • Step 2: Initial concept stage: at this point, we will ask you to complete a questionnaire to establish your thoughts and ideas.
  • Step 3: Further discussion – at this point we will discuss your project so we understand exactly what you require and what your company does.
  • Step 4: One of our 2 specialist logo designers will create 3 logo variations for you.
  • Step 5: Review stage – based on your feedback, we will then develop one of the 3 logos.
  • Step 6: Final approval – at this stage we will submit the design for final approval making any changes if required
  • Step 7: Completion – at this point we will create a collection of different file formats to enable you to use your logo for printing and web promotion. These will be sent to you by email.